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Cal Canya

Farm House, La Segarra


 Region located in the plateau of Catalonia. The valleys of the rivers Corb, Ondara, Sion and Llobregós mark the territory of the south north, generally flat, injuring of the south by the mountain ranges of Montargull and Bellmunt and to the north by the mountain range of Pines. It comprised of the opposite Earth between the Christian and Islamic denomination, which explains the abundance of castles and fortified towns.
 The capital, Cervera, have had an historical importance that reflects their monuments. Agricultural region (cereals, olive trees and almonds) and cattle ranch.
It conserves the rest of an observation tower that belonged to the castle. In its surroundings of they exten the rest of the population. On the foot of town, and d ela not far wagon of Torà, we found the old source of the town. Stairs condueixenfins the water pool. The ceiling is a stone vault. Its restoration not to damage its organization.
Near the source, to the other side of the highway, we found the chapel dedicated to San Ramon. Its construction in 1651 begins and was finished in 1655. On the threshold of the door Llefià could: ' Here nonato' is been born San Ramon.
 The tradition says that it occupies the same place that the house cream of San Ramon. It was recovered and ornamented the gardens surround that it.
 Characteristic characteristic of the region of the Segarra, lines up with many towns raised in hills where to castles and fortifications in the centuries of the Recapture were constructed.
  •  Castle of Florejacs

  •  Castle of Them Pallargues

  •  Castle of Montcortés

  •  Castle of l' Aranyó

  •  Castle of Castellmeià

  •  Castle of Concabella

  •  Tower of Lloberola

  •  Castle of Ratera

  •  Vila Closa de Montfalcó Murallat

  •  Tower of Ivorra

  •  Castle of Vicfred

  •  Castle of them Sitges

  •  Castle of the Manresana

  •  Castle of Sanauja

  •  Castle of the Curullada

  •  Castle of Granyena

  •  Tower of Vallferosa

 The Segarra, land of passage between sea and mountain, near all parts are the door to the west. Of towns enturonats, presided over by the castles and vitally important strengths during the Recapture. It travels by the time, from the prehistory to nowadays.
  •  It visits the Sanctuary of Sant Ramon

  •  It visits monuments of Cervera

  •  Archaeological visit of Guissona and ice well

  •  Museum of votive offerings; Sanctuary of Sant Ramon

  •  Museum of the peasantry; Sisteró

  •  Museum of the Plan - Rural Museum; Torà

  •  Local museum of Cervera; Cervera

  •  Museum of the wheat and the peasantry; Cervera

  •  Eduard Camps i Cava; Guissona


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